Future blog topics re Summer Cover Cropping – just ask.

Guar plant

Guar, a potential cover crop legume.

I know I am ‘dragging the chain’ with my posts (but am otherwise occupied, a Good Thing).  It came to my attention that others in Australia are seeking info on cover crops (via this blog), and maybe I could help, but haven’t said so.

SO, this is a list of what I intend to trial, and blog about.  Some species are not on the usual lists, but I have ideas on sources and whom to contact about seed.  If anyone wants a contact, feel free to email me via following address (pictured – I’m aware it is not on my blog homepage) and I may be able to help.

African marigold, brassicas, burgundy beans, black gram, butterfly pea, chia, corn,cowpea, guar, hollyhock, kenaf, lab lab, millets, moth bean, mungbean, niger / noog, pigeon pea, rice bean, safflower, soybean, sunflower, sudan and sorghams, sunn hemp, velvet bean.  NB these are generally warm season species.


About covercropper

G'day, I'm a grain grower in the NW Wimmera area of Victoria, Australia. This blog is to share my journey of exploring cover cropping here, mostly summer mixes /cocktails. How to, what, when, will it work in improving our soils, productivity and profits?
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2 Responses to Future blog topics re Summer Cover Cropping – just ask.

  1. Topic idea: Here in the states, a documentary just aired about the Dust Bowl during our Great Depression. Ties in nicely with your covercrops topic.

    • covercropper says:

      Thanks again Judi. The docco “The Dust Bowl” has aired in Australia at least once before, and I watched it, at last, lately on our SBS channel. It is a chilling viewing, all things considered, because I can see it easily happening here in places. Even now there are cultivated or “sheeped out” cereal paddocks blowing away on the windiest of days, the latest being easy to remember since it was “Tornado day” (ABC news item on Yarrawonga Tornado) . Lambs seem to be fattening well on low-grain-yield cereal stubbles, eating everything, which I have seen before. It is good for stock, bad for soil cover. It does make me cross – have we learned nothing in the last 10 or 100 years about soil cover? Indeed I could blog about The Dust Bowl and cover crops: I would have to work hard in not just venting attitude, and I’d rather use the energy of ‘righteous anger’ to prove that a soil system works, and can include cover crops.

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