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  1. Ben says:

    is sunn hempseed available for broad acre cover crops in Australia. We are in 520mm rainfall and looking to fit ccrops in post wheat harvest for a kill in early feb. hoping to fix some N and improve soils water holding capacity. My planned ccrop at the moment is Sunnies, safflower, millet and maybe lablab.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • covercropper says:

      Hi Ben, thanks for asking. As far as I’m aware, sunn hemp is not available in Australia, yet. I was fortunate enough to have some from (Nuffield Scholar – Joe Muscat of Mackay Fibre Producers last year for trialing, but apart from that, it needs to be imported. It has been imported before, and a few seed companies have hinted that they have and can, but from what Joe tells me, AQIS like to control the importation, and charge handsomely for it. Even the American seed suppliers import it for their use and sale. “Expressions of interest” in seed supply are welcome, because in the long term it gives the industry feedback on what will hopefully be a growing cover crop seed market here in Australia. Otherwise, if your climate suits, my favourite legume is cowpea. In order of lower suitability for our area, as far as I can tell, is lab lab, mungbean, and soybeans. Then research the varieties and growth habits according to your goals. “Hairy vetch” is popular elsewhere, even in summer cocktails, but again it depends on your goals. Good luck.

  2. please check our website for sunnhemp

  3. kimberleycot says:

    I am looking for some cluster bean seeds to trial as a wet season cover crop and possible commercial crop. Are you able to advise me where to get even a few seeds.
    Thanks Wendy Albert, Derby WA6728

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