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The World’s Biggest QR Code to date

Kraay corn QR code maze.

ImageHooray and congratulations to the Kraay Family Farm – Home of the Lacombe Corn Maze Inc. LACOMBE, ALBERTA, CANADA. 

(I know this has nothing to do with cover cropping, but it does flow from my post “The World’s Biggest…“)

This family has been creating corn crop mazes for years, as a part of their Farm Tourism business.  And in September 2012 they were recognized by Guinness Book of Records  for the largest readable QR code in the world.  The 7 acre code is a part of the corn maze, and links to the above website.  I like the use of the name below it too – it gives all an idea of what the qr code is about.

My old android can’t read it on the pc screen, but they assure me directly their iphones can.  Can yours?  Feel free to comment if it can.  Maybe I need a better qr code-reading app.  It highlights the issue of having a very clear, contrasted, straight-down photo of the code if it is going to be posted online.  I wonder if cloud shadows are enough to lessen the contrast needed.

I believe the second pic is a straight down, cropped view of the same code.  Anyway, as I suggested can happen, they have heaps of publicity (google “Kraay QR code”), which is just what you want for a tourism business.  Be careful what we wish for…

ImagePromoted with permission from the Kraay family via their facebook profile (Lacombe Corn Maze and Kraay Farms).

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