David Brandt, Ohio. Covercropper, No Tiller, champion of soils.


Promoted by Gabe Brown on his ranch facebook page today is an article by  Tom Philpott in MotherJones.com .  (open that motherjones.com link for the full article).  To quote: “One government agency website called Brandt the “Obi-Wan Kenobi of soil.” “.

Brandt is one of those Yanks to watch, who hosts field days and promotes the cause of cover cropping.  Sure, he is a summer cash cropper (corn, soybeans) who cover crops in his winters, but the principle remains.  Sure it touches on the “Why?” but also the how, the yield results, the existence of the seed industry over there, and the visits by Australian farmers already to see what is possible.  I think it is one of the best articles written about him I have seen yet, even without him mentioning tillage radishes (one of his seemingly favourite spp.  Google “Tillage/radish Brandt” images.)

This also shows how even though Brown has a dig at Brandt sometimes over differing opinions and practices re stock and intensive cropping, they share a cause, passion and stage for promoting the benefits of cover cropping.


About covercropper

G'day, I'm a grain grower in the NW Wimmera area of Victoria, Australia. This blog is to share my journey of exploring cover cropping here, mostly summer mixes /cocktails. How to, what, when, will it work in improving our soils, productivity and profits?
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