Wind Erosion and the Role of Cover Cropping

Good Friday 2012.

We may not have had darkness for 3 hours today, but the dust storms from local wind erosion went some way to blacking out the sun.

These pics speak for themselves, and go some way to answering the question “Why?”  Why no till, why cover crops, why continuous ground cover, why limit stock grazing?  Much of the land here will never erode like this, even with multiple cultivation and no stubble cover.  But much will, especially if sandy, and with stubble just burnt.  Often the land can get away with being bare for a month or two until the next crop provides cover.  But not always.  It only takes a few hours of high winds to bury fences (I’ve seen it often, and I’ve been responsible for some.)  And there is a high chance of getting that sort of weather in Autumn, when land is prepared ready for sowing, flat, bare and dry.

Pardon me for having some attitude about it.


About covercropper

G'day, I'm a grain grower in the NW Wimmera area of Victoria, Australia. This blog is to share my journey of exploring cover cropping here, mostly summer mixes /cocktails. How to, what, when, will it work in improving our soils, productivity and profits?
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